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    Until we implement this feature, the work around would be to monitor the deployment using the API and cancel it if a timeout has been reached.

    I have written up a script ( that retrieves all running deployments for a project and cancels it if:
    - it has been running for more that 30 minutes
    - the first step has been running fro more than 20 minutes
    - the first step has not output any logs in 5 minutes

    This can run as a scheduled task. Alternatively you can use the subscriptions feature to kick off a piece of code (eg Azure function) that does this polling, as described in this blog post:

    — Robert W

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    Andreas Gullberg Larsen commented  · 

    Same story here, we are frequently getting hung deployments due to a large web app (250+ MB) that takes long to deploy to Azure webapp and seems to hang for days instead of timing out.

    I'd expect it to time out to a sane default (30 minutes?) that is configurable for each process step as well as the entire process as a whole.
    When it does timeout, I'd expect an email to be sent out to the administrators.

    Andreas Gullberg Larsen supported this idea  ·