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  1. Release notes over multiple releases

  2. Adding release notes after release is created  ·  Released

  3. Default release notes for release created from package push

  4. Make 'Release Notes' mandatory when creating a new Release

  5. Show release notes in overview

  6. Octopus variable for package's release notes

  7. When creating a new release, default the Releases Notes from all of the checkin comments since the last release.

  8. Provide the ability to define a Release Notes template

  9. allow html in the release notes

  10. Show Release Notes as a column directly on the Releases page for a product  ·  Released

  11. Allow the release notes for a release to be included in an email sent via the email step  ·  Not Planned

  12. To return previous format of Releases page as it was very convenient to search by release notes text on the page

  13. Accumulate TFS Work Items for release notes in the TFS extension

  14. Tooltip release notes when hovering over item on Dashboard or Project Overview pages

  15. Permanent fix for Octopus-Jira integration to evaluate release notes for dynamic pckages

  16. Mouse over a release on the Releases or Overview page displays a tooltip with the corresponding package release notes  ·  Not Planned

  17. When deploying a release to an environment, default the Comments from all the Release Notes since the last deployment to that envioronment.  ·  Released

  18. Marking a release amongst release candidates

  19. Show current release on Deploy Release selection screen

  20. Have a textarea for "notes" when promoting a release to an environemnt

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