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Mapping environments on library variable sets

The issue I run into is the following:

Product A: offers an API on several environments DEV/TST/ACC/PRD

Product B: wants to use ProductA-TST on DEV/TST/QA
wants to use ProductA-PRD on ACC/PRD

I want the ability to make a library set of varables from product A so any other product I have can easily link to the API, without having to keep track of a url in the other projects variables. So if Product A changes the URL, everyone is automatically updated.

But I might have more environments in other projects or want to map multiple environments to 1 environment of product A.

Currently the only way for me to do this is to hardcode the url and set it up for all environments:
ProductAUrl: producta-dev.company.com Environments: dev/dev2
producta-tst.company.com Environemnts tst/tst2
While otherwise I could use something like

So what I would like if there was some way to map different environments between products or a way to select a variable for a specific environment.

1. ProductB DEV/TST/QA -> ProductA TST
2. ProductB variable: #{ProductAUrl | TST} Scope: DEV/TST/QA

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